April 2

Spelling/ Vocabulary Words for April 3-7, 2017

We are learning about Homophones this week!

These are the words and definitions:

  1. anywhere (adv) in or to any place
  2. declare (v) to make known in an official fashion
  3. hare (n) a rabbit-like animal with long ears
  4. hair (n) thin filaments growing from the skin
  5. wear (v) to put on or have a clothing on the body
  6. where (adv) at, in, from to what place or position
  7. scarce (adj) insufficient for the demand
  8. dairy (adj) relating to milk or milk products
  9. repair (n) the result of fixing or mending
  10. fair (adj) the right way for everybody to be equal
  11. fare (n) a fee for transportation service
  12. unfair (adj) relating to a perceived injustice
  13. glare (v) to stare in an angry or fierce way

The spelling test will be on Thursday, April 6.

Have a great week!

*Remember students can earn 5 points extra credit for writing each word 10 times. Also, any grade below a 70, students can correct on a separate sheet of paper for an improved grade. Spelling- missed word must be written 5 times for credit, vocabulary- correct word and definition must be written, Grammar- new sentence (complete and correct) must be written.

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