April 28

Fourth grade: New Words, Presentations, and Science Test Next Week


In Writing and Science, we are near completion of our Slide presentations. The presentations present facts about an animal. Students have been doing a super job researching adaptations, ecosystems, and life cycles of their animals. Presentations are due Tuesday, May 2.
This week we will use our spelling to complete a comprehensive review of terms students have learned throughout the year. Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar tests are Thursday, May 4.
We will also review science this week and take a unit test on Thursday as well.

As always, students may write their spelling words ten times each to earn five extra points on their spelling tests. Work that is 69 or below may be corrected for an improved grade of up to 70 (except unit tests). Corrections must be made on a separate sheet of paper.

12.rhyme scheme
Have a great week!
Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Wilson

November 26

Fourth Grade Spelling and Vocabulary List for Nov. 28-Dec. 1


We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Break! We will have Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar tests this week on Thursday, December 1. Remember words are also posted on Spelling City. Also, your fourth grader has a study sheet that we complete in class on Monday, then another on Wednesday.

Grades below a 70 can be corrected! Please encourage your student to correct Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar tests that may be below a 70. This greatly improves their grade.

Extra credit is offered! Students can earn 5 points extra on Spelling tests. Encourage your fourth grader to write their words 10 times each, turn them in during the week, and earn an extra 5 points on the Spelling Test!

Looking forward to a great rest of the six weeks! Fourth grade will be busy! Fourth graders will take their Writing Benchmark exam on December 13th. This is a practice for the STAAR in March. We will attend Frontier Texas in Abilene on December 14th (details to follow). Parents are very much welcome to come, too! Christmas parties will be December 15. Early release is December 16.

  1. pound- n. weight measurement equal to 16 ounces
  2. underground- adv. beneath the surface of the earth
  3. outdoors- n. a place not inside of a building or shelter
  4. downtown- n. the lower or commercial area of a city
  5. aloud- adv. not silently; in a voice that can be heard
  6. however- conj. on the other hand
  7. county- n. a division of a state made up of many towns
  8. bounce- v. a rebound off of a springy surface
  9. noun- n. person, place, thing or quality in grammar
  10. tower- n. tall structure higher than wide


November 4

New Spelling Words for November 7-10


These are the spelling words and definitions for next week. Also, Friday, November 11 students will attend the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Clyde High School gym. The ceremony is at 9:00 a.m.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Bingham


quiet- adj. silent and not speaking

question- n an inquiry about something one wants to know

elephant- n a large land mammal with tusks and a trunk

cough- n sudden, noisy expulsion of air from the lungs

quite- adv. really or very

rough- adj. having a bumpy, gritty surface

alphabet- n a set of symbols used in writing a language

quickly- adv. very fast or hurriedly

laugh- v to express amusement, giggle

tough- adj. difficult, hard or inflexible