April 28

Fourth grade: New Words, Presentations, and Science Test Next Week


In Writing and Science, we are near completion of our Slide presentations. The presentations present facts about an animal. Students have been doing a super job researching adaptations, ecosystems, and life cycles of their animals. Presentations are due Tuesday, May 2.
This week we will use our spelling to complete a comprehensive review of terms students have learned throughout the year. Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar tests are Thursday, May 4.
We will also review science this week and take a unit test on Thursday as well.

As always, students may write their spelling words ten times each to earn five extra points on their spelling tests. Work that is 69 or below may be corrected for an improved grade of up to 70 (except unit tests). Corrections must be made on a separate sheet of paper.

12.rhyme scheme
Have a great week!
Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Wilson

April 13

Fourth Graders: Spelling words and definitions for April 17-20, 2017

Words are on the blog and SpellingCity.
1. material-n. anything made of matter, substance
2. atmosphere- n. surrounding air or mood of a planet or place
3. engineer- n. trained person who designs or builds
4. we’re- contraction of “we are”
5. fierce- adj. having an intense, violent or wild nature
6. weary- adj. very tired or exhausted in mind or body
7. weird- adj. strange or bizarre
8. cereal- n. breakfast food product, made from grain
9. sincerely- adv. without pretense; honesty
10. tear- v. to rip or separate by force
11. tear- n. a drop of salty liquid falling from the eye

April 2

Spelling/ Vocabulary Words for April 3-7, 2017

We are learning about Homophones this week!

These are the words and definitions:

  1. anywhere (adv) in or to any place
  2. declare (v) to make known in an official fashion
  3. hare (n) a rabbit-like animal with long ears
  4. hair (n) thin filaments growing from the skin
  5. wear (v) to put on or have a clothing on the body
  6. where (adv) at, in, from to what place or position
  7. scarce (adj) insufficient for the demand
  8. dairy (adj) relating to milk or milk products
  9. repair (n) the result of fixing or mending
  10. fair (adj) the right way for everybody to be equal
  11. fare (n) a fee for transportation service
  12. unfair (adj) relating to a perceived injustice
  13. glare (v) to stare in an angry or fierce way

The spelling test will be on Thursday, April 6.

Have a great week!

*Remember students can earn 5 points extra credit for writing each word 10 times. Also, any grade below a 70, students can correct on a separate sheet of paper for an improved grade. Spelling- missed word must be written 5 times for credit, vocabulary- correct word and definition must be written, Grammar- new sentence (complete and correct) must be written.

March 31

Fourth Grade Class Book Orders Due by Thursday, April 6, 2017


Students brought home order forms for class books yesterday. You are not obligated to purchase this book, but if you would like to buy one, they are $19.95. They are published by Student Treasures Publishing. The last day we are able to take orders is Thursday, April 6. Money is due at the time orders are taken. Books will be delivered to our class approximately the first week of May.

Thank you!

Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Wilson

March 29

Fourth Grade Students are Working to Publish a Book!

Students are working hard to complete a class book! These books are published by Student Treasures Publishing. The books are hard cover bound books that will include an essay written by your child and an illustration for their story. You may purchase these books if you wish. Each book is $19.95. Order forms will be sent home in Thursday Folders or you can go online at http://studentreasures.com/parents/


March 28

Writing Tutorials Have Come to an End!

Parents of Writing Tutorial Students:

Thank you so much for allowing your child to spend extra time with us to improve their skills in editing, revising, and composition. Writing tutorials are over for the year. We greatly appreciate your support for your student!

Thank you,

Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Wilson

March 27

Good Luck Students on STAAR Test!


We would like to wish our fourth and fifth graders good luck on their STAAR Tests this week! Fourth grade will take the Writing STAAR Test on Tuesday. Fifth grade will take the Math STAAR Test on Tuesday, and the Reading STAAR Test on Wednesday. Lunch times will be altered slightly.

Be sure to get plenty of rest, a good hardy breakfast, and bring your “A-Game!”


Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Wilson 🙂


February 26

Fourth Grade Spelling Words for Feb. 27- Mar. 2


Thank you to all of the students’ family members who were able to join us last week for the many festivities on campus! This week, our spelling, vocabulary, and grammar test will be Thursday, March 2. Students who make below a 70 on assignments are able to make corrections for a better grade, and extra credit is offered for spelling. Write the spelling words 10 times each, turn in your work before the test, and earn 5 points extra credit!

  1. eleven
  2. listen
  3. reason
  4. sudden
  5. women
  6. certain
  7. strengthen
  8. chosen
  9. champion
  10. common

Have a great week!