Today we learned about Incas. Incas lived in the southern west region of South America. They lived from the 1400’s to the 1500’s. They were conquered by the Spanish in the late 1530’s Today one of there rock structures is still standing, Machu Picchu. There is also a 500 year old rope bridge nearby still standing. By: Tanner Graham

Veterans Day

Today all the Clyde Students and some Veterans were all gathered in the Clyde High school gym for a Veterans Day program to honor the Veterans.I noticed how important it is to be in a family with a family parent in the army they have to be without 1 parent or both parents deployed and they are wondering when there coming home or if they are even coming back.Veterans are very important because without them we would not have freedom.   We watched a tribute video in Mrs. McClure’s room.


Evan Laughlin

Sea Turtles

This week we read about José Urtega and the endangered sea turtles. José has an organization that helped stop poachers by teaching them different jobs and ways to earn money. He also opened a hatchery that makes sure the eggs are safe while they are in the process of maturing so they did not get sold/eaten.