Parents and Students,

This is just a reminder to make sure students are reading at home regularly.  Students have 2 weeks until the end of the six weeks (Feb. 17)  to complete their AR requirements.  They must read 2 novels (without pictures), or only 1 that is over 300 pages.  Please let me know if there are any questions.

Reading-Unit 1 test

The 7th graders will take their unit 1 test over nonfiction and poetry on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Students have several notes they may take home to study.   Also, student recieved a homework assignment today that is due on Friday.  If they turn it in tomorrow (Wednesday), they will receive 8 bonus points, and Thurday they will receive 4 bonus points.  I offer morning and afternoon tutorials most days.  I encourage students to come by for assistance, a place to work, or just time to AR read.

AR requirements

Here is the reading contract all Junior High students signed the first week of school acknowledging the AR requirements expected of them.  There were many students who did not read and/or test on any AR books the first six weeks.  Parents, your help would be greatly appreciated helping remind your child to read at home when possible.  Remember AR counts as 2 test grades!

CJH 6th-8th grade Accelerated Reader Program 2016-2017

Mrs. Cairns, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Kohler

Student Expectations:

*Students will take the StarChart Test to assess reading levels at the beginning of both semesters.

*Students will read 2 books per six weeks or 1 with 300+pages. (Books must be close to or above grade level and must have teacher approval.)

Grading Policy:

*This assignment will count as 2 test grades per six weeks.

*Students will have until 4PM on the last day of the six weeks to take a test.

*The grades entered in the gradebook will be the highest grades received on AR tests that six weeks.  There are 2 AR grades, so if the child reads one book over 300 pages, that grade will count twice.

**NOTE: These grades will usually be entered into the gradebook one week prior to the end of each six weeks. This will allow parents to see where their children are in meeting their AR requirements for that six weeks. Grades can still be changed during the last week of each six weeks.  AR may affect the student’s grade negatively or positively based on their performance, however, the teachers are allowing students EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY to complete this assignment.


(Goals will be set at the beginning of each six weeks.)

Level 1-Individual Goals-These will be set on an individual basis by the teacher.

Met Goal = Student chooses prizes such as: a lunch with teacher pass, hat pass, free homeroom day, etc.

Level 2-Grade Level Goals

The student reads the following amount of words in a six weeks:

*6th grade – 100,000

*7th grade – 125,000

*8th grade – 175,000

Met Goal= These students will be invited to an AR party for that six weeks.  Each six weeks the prize will be different.  The first six weeks we will have a coke float party.

Level 3-All CJH students

2 Million Word Readers

Met Goal=At the end of the year, a special assembly will be held to honor these students who read 2 million words!!  They will receive AWESOME prizes!  

-Mrs. Cairns, Mrs. Hodges, and Mrs. Kohler

Please sign and return to your reading teacher.  Thank you!
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