8th Grade Science – Remind and Stemscopes

Don’t forget to sign up for Remind to receive reminders on assignment due dates and upcoming tests!  Follow the instructions below:

Text the message @98fb8 to the number 81010.

Also, students are now able to login to Accelerate Learning (STEMscopes).  The username is the same as when a student logs onto a computer at school (graduation year, first letter of first name, first letter of middle name, and last name).  The password is Bulldogs8.

For example: username: 21cegerhart               password: Bulldogs8

Parents are welcome to log into their students account to read about the content covered in class through the Stemscopedia assignment.

8th Grade Science

Pages 1-3 of your Periodic Table Lab are due tomorrow!  Remember to log on to Stemscopes if you need information from the Student Guide to help you with your lab.  If you do not have internet access once you leave school, then please see me for a copy of the Student Guide.

Pre-AP Science Fundraiser

The 8th grade science classes are responsible for caring for Project Outdoors (POD).  This is an area on campus near the cafeteria that students will take care of the last six weeks of school.  We pull weeds, plant flowers, care for bird baths and bird feeders,  repair and paint picnic tables, etc.  The Pre-AP class will be doing most of the work at POD so they have been asked to help with a fundraiser.  We are raising funds by working in the concession stand during November and December.  It would be very helpful, and not so time consuming, if each student would volunteer to work at least one 30 minute time slot.  We will work Nov. 10 & 24, and Dec. 1, 8, and 15 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Several students have already signed up, but I am still in need of many more.  The more money we make, the more projects we can work on at POD!

Pre-AP Science

Students in Pre-AP Science need to have one 2 Liter bottle by November 14th for our lab on Newton’s Laws of Motion.  You can find 2 Liter sodas at Lawrence Bros. for $0.89.  If you have trouble getting a bottle, please come talk to me.




Students are now able to log on to Stemscopes through the website Accelerate Learning: https://n11085d41461.acceleratelearning.com.  Each student has been given a username and password.  I have already posted several assignments, only to allow students to explore the new Stemscopes program.  Stemscopedia, one of the current assignments, functions like a textbook, supplying students with information that may help them to complete their assignments.  I also posted the Student Guide for the lab we completed today.  If your son, or daughter, is in 9th period, he, or she, may use both of the assignments I mentioned to help them complete the lab that is due tomorrow.  If you have questions, or concerns, about Stemscopes you can contact me at 893-5788, or email: cgerhart@clydeisd.org.

Chemical Equations Lab

The Lab on Chemical Equations is due tomorrow, completed!   Use the information for the element colors to complete Part II and III.  Colors for the Lab on Chemical Equations:

Hydrogen = Red                                     Chlorine = Yellow

Copper = Orange                                   Zinc = Dark Brown

Oxygen = Light Brown                         Carbon = Light Blue

Sodium = Dark Blue                             Potassium = white

Iodine = Green                                       Magnesium = black

8th Grade Science

We spent part of Thursday’s class and all of Friday’s class in the lab diagramming the structure of atoms.  Students that had not completed the lab by the end of class Friday were told to complete the lab for homework. Labs are due when you come to class on Monday! I have offered help during home room and after school, as well as answering questions through email.