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Contest and Events

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Public Service Announcements
Extemporaneous Writing

Community Awareness
Clinical Specialty
Health Education
Research Persuasive Speaking
Medical Photography
Concepts of Health Care
Parliamentary Procedure

These guys all whent to state this year!

Extemporaneous Writing for Clyde 2011-2012
Trisha Burnett

Parliamentary Procedure for Clyde 2011-2012

Parliamentary procedure
Right to Left: (Hope McCleaf, Autumn Lawver, Devon Yarbrough, Cody Cedergren, Seth Thompson)

Concepts of Health Care 2011-2012

Con. health
Dakota Lopez

Extemporaneous Health Poster 2011-2012

Allison Britten

What are these Events about?

Public Service Announcements- messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

Extemporaneous Writing-
The art|skill of a trained writer with a preconceived or acquired ability as to write without referring to data from outside sources other than the mind within.

Community Awareness- Public Security promotes community awareness in of things that happen in the community of medical stuff.

Clinical Specialty - To provide the Health Science student with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills in a selected health profession.

Health Education - Is the profession of educating people about health.

MRC PARTNERSHIP - The purpose of this event is to initiate and/or grow a partnership between a local chapter of the Medical Reserve Corps and HOSA.

Research Persuasive Speaking - To encourage Health Science students to improve their skills in researching a health issue, preparing written documentation supporting a thesis, and presenting information orally.

Medical Photography - is a specialized area of photography that concerns itself with the documentation of the clinical presentation of patients, medical and surgical procedures, medical devices and specimens from autopsy.

Concepts of Health Care -
To encourage Health Science students to explore and learn about selected health care careers and to assess knowledge in health-related areas.

Parliamentary Procedure
- To develop leadership skills by using parliamentary procedure to conduct a simulated business meeting. This event is based on team competition; therefore, members learn the importance of cooperation and working together through competitive performance.

For more information about contest go to: http://www.hosa.org/natorg/sectb/index.html