NAFEPA Scholarship

The National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators (NAFEPA) offers four scholarships nationally each year.  Eligible for the four scholarships are students in their senior year, presently enrolled in a public or charter school or school district served by NAFEPA members, or a student currently enrolled as a freshman in an accredited college or university.  Two scholarships will be awarded to students who are pursuing a degree in Education.  Two scholarships may be awarded for pursuit in Education or any other major.

The award for the NAFEPA scholarship will be $2,500.

In Part 1 of the attached NAFEPA scholarship application please put the following information:

Name of NAFEPA member submitting application:  Cheryl Cunningham

Name of Affiliated State Organization:  The Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas (ACET)

State:  TX

Scholarship application reminders:

1)     Ensure that letters of recommendation from school officials/staff are submitted on school letterhead as indicated on the scholarship application form.

2)     Make sure all required information is completed

3)     Pay close attention to guidelines on the essay:  NAFEPA requires a 300-word essay (maximum) outlining the student’s leadership activities and future goals.

4)     Mail the completed application with all required information by Friday, January 12, 2018, to:

 Cheryl Cunningham

P.O. Box 981

Abilene, TX  79601

Ms. Conner has scholarship packets in her office.

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