PlayMaker Scholarship

  The scholarship’s sponsor (Action Sports Medicine) asked that we give $5,000 a year away to four (4) worthy graduating seniors.  Three (3) general scholarships for $1,000 each and one     major specific scholarship (coaching related) for $2,000.

  We will have the event on Saturday, April 21st and I’ve made the deadline for the scholarship that same day.  Students that have a scholarship application to turn in will get in free.

 In addition to free entry to the event, we will give at least two scholarships at the event ($250 each) from the pool of applications received (recipient must be present to win).  As long as the applicant has turned in all the required parts (application, transcript, references, etc.), then they’ll be eligible to win.  In addition, one $250 grant will be awarded to the school that has the highest participation rate (this will be awarded at a later date).

Dan Byerly

Vice President—Branch Manager/Relationship Manager

Capital Farm Credit, Stamford Office

Scholarship applications are located in the counselor’s office

Deadline is April 21st- mailed to the address provided on the application


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