8th Grade Band – 3 Week Report

Practice charts are due every Wednesday.  Each student is required to practice 60 minutes a week outside of class.  They can break up the time any way they want to, but they need to record it on the sheet.  A parent/guardian signature is required before it will be accepted.  Charts turned in one day late will receive an 89, two days late a 79, and charts will not be accepted after Friday the week they are due.  If a child wishes to make up a zero on a practice chart they need to practice for 120 minutes in one week.  That will raise a zero to a 70.  Students are welcome to come practice in the band hall from 7:30-7:45 every day.  I will initial their practice charts for their time spent in the band hall.

Students are also tested every Wednesday.  This is to ensure they are all progressing on their instruments as they should be.

The high school football game on October 11th will be the game that the 8th grade band gets to perform with the high school band in the stands.  More information will be given when the game gets closer.

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