Clyde ConnectRecently, our students have jumped on board the Mystery Skype bus, and it has been incredible! The problem solving and engagement that comes along with the exercise is invigorating and uplifting to this educator’s heart AND mind! YIPPPEEE!!!

It has been my goal for sometime now to get our students CONNECTED!!!  This is SO important because, so often, we think Texas is the only place on Earth!  It is also critical to allow students to participate in how the world works both digitally and collaboratively to solve real world issues by connecting with people around the globe.  Skype for Education has accomplished a built-in social network for educators on Skype, and this opens MANY doors for all educators that desire this for their classrooms. Check out our Skype lesson below!


mystery skype with Texas

As Technology Integrator for Clyde Schools, one of my goals is for our students to connect with as many places around the world as possible to get acquainted, learn locations and cultures, and potentially work on classroom projects together via Google Docs and other online collaboration resources. We would love to brainstorm with you on your project ideas as well! Please fill out the following form and let us know more about you. What are we waiting for?? LET’S CONNECT!

Check out our Skype lesson below and  fill out our Form to connect!

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  1. My 2nd period class is SO excited to be doing this after Thanksgiving!!! They have talked about it non stop!! Love it!! Thanks for all of the advise and help!!

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