Formative Assessment Feedback Tools for the Classroom

I know what you’re thinking… “I am going try that soon.  I really do think it would be cool to use in my classroom.”  I have been there… I know!  We all have good intentions, but when it requires time, we often run short. It’s hard to take the time to try something new. There are not quite enough hours in a day!

Formative assessments, unlike summative assessments, aren’t a test but used during the learning process in order to monitor student learning and improve student attainment. Using tools like the ones I will list below is a win-win as they are engaging for the learner and very informative for the teacher! Here are some quick and easy tools to add to your formative assessment toolbox and help engage students.

Quizzizz – Create and play multiplayer quiz games. In Quizzizz the questions and answer choices are on the student’s device and the teacher projection shows the real-time results of the student’s progress and understanding.

Kahoot – Many of you probably already know about Kahoot. It is a fun tool and easy to use! It includes a timer and lots of fun colors which make it appealing.  You can embed videos and use this as part of the teaching process, as a review game, or to foster curiosity when beginning a lesson. There are many possibilities! With Kahoot, the teacher’s computer is used to display the questions, and the student devices only show the answer choices. Therefore, the students cannot work ahead.

Go Formative I LOVE this one because it allows you to draw or upload an image as a response! Go Formative works with Google Apps too, so it will work with those of you using Google Classroom.

Zaption lets you embed questions within the video.  This is something to definitely check out if you’re flipping your classroom. With Zaption, questions are asked during the video, and students can’t continue the video until they can correctly answer the question.

If you don’t have enough devices for students to use these tools in your classroom, consider dividing them into teams with each team using a device. They can take turns answering and discuss as a team. It will still be fun and engaging!

Don’t have enough devices in your room for the tools above and want to gain feedback from every individual student? Check out Plickers. With Plickers, every student gets a specific sheet of paper that works like student clickers in your classroom. They hold up the paper depending on their answer. Then, you can scan their papers with your teacher device for the results.

There are strengths and weaknesses for almost every tool.  These formative assessment tools are no different.  Many times it is about trying them out and seeing which one will work for you. The thing I love about them all is that they don’t take tons of time to setup and use.



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