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Peace CorpsCoverdell World Wise Schools, a Peace Corps program, strives to help U.S. students better understand and appreciate the diverse cultures and issues of the world.

This program is designed to bring the world into U.S. schools and includes free standards-based classroom resources and programs which allow students to see, hear, and interact with globally-relevant content that supports educators’ targeted learning objectives.  For over 20 years, Peace Corps Volunteers have formally serverd as a window for U.S. students to view and experience new countries and cultures through CWWS materials that heighten cross-cultural understanding in the classroom and encourage service. 

Ways to use in the classroom beyond curriculum materials:

1. Correspondence Match: Connect a classroom with a Peace Corps Volunteer overseas or Speakers

2. Speakers Match: Invite a returned Peace Corps Volunteer into your classroom

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Skype for the Classroom


A new directory to help teachers use Skype in their classrooms.

Skype is a great way to communicate with people around the world, and many teachers are integrating this tool into their curriculum, so Skype is launching a directory this month that will help teachers to connect with other teachers world wide to help facilitate an incredible global learning experience.


DushareDushare allows users to work and share files instantly.  It requires no registration or login.  It’s very easy to upload a photo and create a link to share with a group or class instantly or quickly share those larger files that might be too big for your email.