BreakOut Clyde

The BreakOut Edu concept has been an incredible experience for students at Clyde CISD. It includes a great deal of problem solving for all ages.  Students must use the 4 C’s to be successful – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.  The BreakOut Edu website calls the concept “a platform for immersive learning games.” The site also refers to it as a “Classroom Escape Game” because it is indeed much like the Escape Room Challenges that people/groups are attending for entertainment.

Below is a playlist of BreakOut videos that we have done (new ones will be added here as well!). Links to other BreakOut Edu resources can also be found below the playlist.  Check them out to get an idea of what this concept looks like and how it can be used with your students!  Keep in mind that this can be done at any age.The BreakOut Edu concept can truly rock the level of engagement in your classroom! The kids love it and everyone learns!!