Curating iPad Apps and Resources

Today, our elementary teachers will be having a Pinterest party and will spend time finding apps for their new class iPads!  How exciting! To help in their app discovery and venture, I have put together a few resources for them. I hope it helps!

To begin with, Livebinders is a great resource for technology tools and ideas.  It has it’s own app too! Livebinders is taking the idea of binders (that teachers have used for years) and digitizing them! It is similar to Pinterest in how you can search and find other people’s binders and add them to your shelf.  Even if you do not want to create a LiveBinders account of your own, it is an EXCELLENT place to begin searching for web resources for your classroom!!  Below is a shelf that I have created for Elementary iPad resources.


Pinterest is a great place to find ANYTHING! Like Livebinders, it is a GREAT stop for teachers to begin to curate the web for fun and engaging lessons! It is especially a great place for to find apps for a particular grade level or subject area.  I encourage you to create a Pinterest account if you do not have one.  If you need my help, please let me know, and I can get you started.  You will need someone to invite you to Pinterest, otherwise, it will take you a while to get an account.  Once you have an account, creating a board for your apps is a great way to organize and keep track of the great ideas you will find on Pinterest!

 Pinterest Elementary iPad Resources

At this point, I have a Pinterest Board that I use to organize app info and ideas that I come across on the internet and on Pinterest.  It will vary from subject and campus.

My Apps for the Classroom Pinterest Board

iPad Apps for School is an EXCELLENT blog by Richard Byrne!  He is the also the author of Free Technology For Teachers.  I would highly recommend subscribing to both blogs!

iPad Apps for School

TCEA’s list of iPad Apps and Resources














AWESOME Free Resources to Use with CSCOPE Performance Indicators

I think I have shared this with you all before, but I am going to share it again. This is a top resource created by Christy Cate and Myra Rains at ESC 14. This Prezi includes links to Free Technology Resources that are perfect for the Performance Indicators in CSCOPE. It is definitely worth taking the time to look. You can view this presentation in the player below or by clicking the link below the player to see it in full screen.

Khan Academy

We all know that math is a difficult subject for our students.  We also know that today’s learner is inundated with media.  Enter the Khan Academy.  Salman Khan is a graduate of MIT and his mission is to “provide a high quality education to anyone, anywhere” through his website of videos on many subjects and many levels.  Students can even work through practice problems after viewing a lesson.  Khan Academy is a MUST SEE, a game changer…especially in math that continues to be difficult to teach to the twenty-first century learner.  See for yourself at