Twitter Hashtags #

Yesterday, in our Wednesday afternoon Tech Training, we discussed Twitter and its uses as a PLN (Professional Learning Network).  One thing that I wanted to share with everyone is some hashtag(#)  resources that you can search to find good educational people to network with and follow on Twitter.

Check out this link for Popular Twitter Hashtags from November Learning, an EXCELLENT resource!

As many of you know, Cybrary Man is potentially the best educational resource out there. If you haven’t visited this site, it is an absolute must!  He has a great list of educational hashtags on his page to help you find applicable groups on Twitter.

If you want a simple list, this one is great!  Teach Thought is a great resource for educators, and their educational hashtag page is simple and categorized!

Twitter: My Favorite PLN

As many of you already know, Twitter is my favorite PLN (Professional Learning Network).  I easily attribute much of my learning and growth educationally to it! IT has allowed me to choose my interests and follow MANY people that share similar interests from around the world, giving me a network from which to learn TONS!  Before Twitter, I spent many late nights searching for that perfect lesson, tool, or activity and feeling like I had wasted hours just trying to find one decent resource.  The beauty of Twitter is it allows me to gain information that now “falls into my lap” because of the network of people I choose to follow.  

Educators have quickly become curators of mass information.  Twitter really makes curation easier for teachers because:

  • If you want to read it, read it.  If you don’t, don’t worry.  It will be there when you are ready for it.  Unlike subscribing to blogs, etc.. that come to your email, Twitter can be accessed when you have time to catch up.
  • Most of the good stuff on Twitter gets tweeted, and re-tweeted and re-tweeted and re-tweeted which means that it will stay on your feed, or it will come back around later.  Therefore, don’t worry that you are going to don’t worry that you are going to miss something.  The amazing stuff will most likely re-surface, or you will be pointed to a resource where you can find it later.


  • Follow the right people on Twitter, and this will allow you to constantly stay in contact with folks looking for the same information as you, covering the same concepts as you. 

 Here are a few Twitter resources that I found on Twitter. 😉