AWESOME Free Resources to Use with CSCOPE Performance Indicators

I think I have shared this with you all before, but I am going to share it again. This is a top resource created by Christy Cate and Myra Rains at ESC 14. This Prezi includes links to Free Technology Resources that are perfect for the Performance Indicators in CSCOPE. It is definitely worth taking the time to look. You can view this presentation in the player below or by clicking the link below the player to see it in full screen.

Khan Academy

We all know that math is a difficult subject for our students.  We also know that today’s learner is inundated with media.  Enter the Khan Academy.  Salman Khan is a graduate of MIT and his mission is to “provide a high quality education to anyone, anywhere” through his website of videos on many subjects and many levels.  Students can even work through practice problems after viewing a lesson.  Khan Academy is a MUST SEE, a game changer…especially in math that continues to be difficult to teach to the twenty-first century learner.  See for yourself at

Math LiveBinder

I have started working on my LiveBinders for the 2011 school year.  If you haven’t checked this out, it is WAY cool!  It is just a way to organize your sites just as we have organized units forever…. in our binders.  There really are SO many great sites out there, but it begins to get overwhelming, and I hate to email everyone constantly, so I am going to try this.  I will continue to update.  This is my first attempt.  I started with math. 

It’s Mini Grant TIME!! Deadline November 19th

With the arrival of the mini grant application, I wanted to be able to provide you with some information regarding possible technology in the classroom. Of course, the mini grant isn’t just for technology, but since I’m the tech integrator, I wanted to feature some possibilities. For continuity purposes, you might want to think about coordinating as a grade level or department to standardize your equipment. It will be much easier to plan and learn together than each of you doing something different.




The first feature is the Mimio Classroom. Mimio offers several different tools for the classroom that I think many of you would enjoy, and the KIDS WOULD LOVE IT! Several teachers in the district have Mimio devices in their classrooms. Most recently, our Pre-K teachers each individually received Mimios from a Pre-K grant. We had training November 2nd, and they are SO excited! A Mimio device is about 24 inches long and 2 inches wide. It clips to the side of your existing whiteboard and essentially makes it an interactive touch screen computer. It is very portable. Check out the Mimio Classroom, and let me know if you have any questions.

Mimio Prices – Mimio 2010 Educator Pricing


Like Mimio, Promethean has several different tools for the classroom. prom_logoMost campuses in the district have a Promethean board. If you haven’t had the chance to use one, you should try it. It’s quite an experience. I know any Promethean teacher would be happy to have you check out their board and would also be happy to share their likes and dislikes. Although many of the features are the same, Promethean is also much different from the Mimio. It is much larger and not portable.

Like Mimio, Promethean offers many educational tools for the classroom. The Promethean interactive whiteboards act like a large touch screen computer. Intelligent educational tools keep students engaged and on task. Wireless student response devices are an awesome assessment tool and provide teachers with instantaneous assessment data.

Check out Promethean’s Active Classroom Demo.

Dell 4210x Projector

projectorProjectors are excellent tools for the 21st century classroom. They allow you to project anything from your computer onto your whiteboard or screen. In order for a Mimio or Promethean board to work, you must have a projector. When ordering a projector, you will need to decide if you want it mounted in the ceiling of your classroom. Although some teachers would rather not mount their projectors, most like them stationary. However, mounting the projector will require additional funds for cable, mounting brackets, etc…



iPad_23waysIf you’re wondering how you could use an iPad in the classroom, just ask our High School History teachers. Their department recently purchased iPads for the classroom. Check out the following links to discover how the iPad could change your classroom.

Learning with iPad

30 Interesting Ways to use the iPad in Your Classroom

ELMO Document Camera

I found the video below to be helpful when explaining ways to use the Elmo document camera.