PBL: Making School an Event

After hours of hard work, our team presented yesterday at TCEA in Austin over PBL and Tech Integration.  It went well! TCEA was great, as always!  We learned SO much and came back with tons of new tools to share.  That will be coming soon! Most importantly, this trip to TCEA gave me an opportunity to see life from the student’s perspective as our presentation was a PBL project.  We had great attendance in our session and a wonderful audience that asked great questions!  You can see our Today’s Meet site here with Q&A from the presentation.  


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Google Apps for Education

On July 24th and August 2nd, in the high school computer lab, we will begin our summer technology training and cover a variety of technology topics used and encouraged in our district.  One of the things that we will be discussing in length is Google Apps for Education.  One of the resources used for this training can be found online at http://learn.googleapps.com.  Many videos, pdf documents and other resources can be found at this site.