Field Trip to May Farm

Parents–this is a reminder about field trip to May Farm on Wednesday, April 18th. We will leave the elementary around 9:00 a.m.   Please have your child wear appropriate shoes since we will be around farm animals and pasture and sunscreen will be very important. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if your child brought his/her lunch in a disposable sack and 2 drinks.

If you are planning on joining us on the field trip you will need to have a yellow badge—just like when you are checking in at the school. You may do this ahead of time on Monday or Tuesday.

The students are looking forward to this field trip and I would love to see you there too!!! If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me or call the school.

January 30-February 3

Dear Parents,

Next week I will be sending home information for our Valentine’s party including names of our class for valentines and party snack information. As of right now our party is from 2:00-3:00 on February 14th.

This weeks spelling words are: street/read/please/mean/sea/eat/me/keep/feet/be/these/tree. Sentences are “I keep my feet in the sea. Can you please read to me?”—notice we are working on the long /e/ sound.

We have been learning about money the past few days. Please take a moment and ask your child about the coins we have been learning and see if he/she can also count a given amount. We have talked about how we do not want a lot of coins in our pocket, so we try to start with the biggest number (like .25) if possible.

It is hard to believe we have reached 100 days of school. Your child is now 100 days smarter in 1st grade:)

Dear Parents,

The past two weeks we have been doing Reading and Math testing for the Middle of the Year. I will be soon be sending home your child’s results. Please look them over carefully. If you have any questions please contact me. This was also the reason our class homework was so sporadic. Hopefully now we can get back on track!

We have been studying weather in Science…learning about how it changes and instruments used to measure how hot/cold things are. We are starting to move into the seasons and the term “cycle”. Also learning about the types of things we would see/smell/eat/ and feel during the different seasons. Soon we will talk about day/night  and moon/stars!!!

In Math we have been doing estimation on a number line (which numbers are closer to other numbers). We have been looking at numbers that are one more, one less, and equal.  Please keep working on the number facts. This is why we did so good on the recent math test on number facts!! :)Hopefully at this time the students are really starting to see patterns in the numbers (or on the number charts) of when we count by 5, 2, and 10’s.

This weeks spelling words are: slide/like/bike/drive/stripe/time/white/kite/dime/mice

Sentences: It’s time to fly the striped kite. The white mice ride a bike

Notice the emphasis this week is on the phonics skill /i_e/.

Dear Parents,

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and fantastic Christmas break! Please rememeber that when we come back from the holiday break your child will need to replenish his/her supplies. They will need glue and crayons.

Also, I would like to thank all of you for making our party such a success!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


Dear Parents—following is what we will be learning this week 🙂

Phonics: /oo/ as in zoom, broom, moon and also /ar/ as in start, car, far

spelling: get, let, ten, sled, red, send, step, bed, spell, yes


The sentence is : I have a red sled.

In math we are studying subtraction and how subtraction and addition go together.

In Science we are just reviewing sound energy and magnets. Next week we will be startng to look at soil.

and in Social Studies we are talking about communities…leaders…and laws of the community.

Also, I would like to thank all the parents who have been supplying snacks. Our class is greatly appreciative!!! The class gets really hungry by mid-morning so a snack really helps before math.