March 28

Field Trip Info!

5th Grade Parents,

Field Trip Update! Due to the weather we may have to move lunch to the Clyde Intermediate Cafeteria. If it is not raining, we will check the temperature and wind at 11am tomorrow and decide if we will be going to Nelson Park or coming back to the school. We will post on Schoolway at 11am and let you know what the plan is. If we come back to the school, you are still welcome to come eat with your child. To connect on the Schoolway app, use the code v8eq5c, for the 5th grade channel. Feel free to email Miss Stoneman at if you need help getting connected on Schoolway. Thank you for being flexible.

5th Grade Teachers

January 19

Absent Work

In 5th grade we have a student in each homeroom that collects work for those who are absent. This student puts work that is missed in an “absent folder”. When the student that was absent returns to school, they simply get their missing work out of their absent folder. We love that parents are willing to go out of their way and come get work for their student when they are out. With our absent folder system, you would be able to easily get all of their work if you plan to come at the end of the school day. This would allow us to get the folder back and send it to the office for you. If you would like us to send work to the office, you can call the front office or email your student’s homeroom teacher in the morning and we will get it to the office around 3pm.

December 11

5th Grade Christmas Parties!

5th grade will be having their Christmas Parties on Friday from 10 am to 11 am in their homeroom class.

If you would like to take your student home after their party please let the office know when you get here. They will give you a sticker to put on your child to show that they have been checked out in the office! This sticker will allow you to leave with your child without having to go back to the office to check them out after the party.

Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher for any questions regarding their Christmas party.

December 11

Social Studies Vocabulary Quiz Tomorrow 12/12 and Unit Test Thursday12/14

Students will be taking a vocabulary quiz tomorrow and a unit test Thursday.  Study guides for the unit test will go home tomorrow (Tuesday).  Below are the vocabulary words for the quiz:

taxation- process of collecting money from citizens in order to fund government expenses

Patriot-American colonists who supported independence from Great Britain

Loyalist-American colonists who did not support independence from Great Britain

grievance-a complaint

boycott-to refuse to buy goods

alliance-relationship of being joined together for the same cause

militia-a military force of volunteers

negotiate-to try to reach an agreement

December 6

Miss Stoneman’s Class Party

MISS STONEMAN’s CLASS PARTY (this is only for Miss Stoneman’s homeroom)

  • Date: Friday, December 15th      
  • Time: 10:00-11:00 am
  • Location: Miss Stoneman’s Classroom

 This year at the fifth grade Christmas party students will be opening Christmas stockings.  Students will need to bring 1 item for each student in their homeroom class to put in the stockings.  There are 24 students in my class. Examples of items include: candy, card, small toy, pencil, eraser, etc.  The item can also just be a homemade note and does not have to cost any money.

I am going to have a sign up for snacks and drinks. You can email me or send a note to let me know if you would like to bring anything for the party. There is a list below. Please remember that all food and drink items must be store bought and cannot be made at home.

Snack Options

  • 48 Plain Sugar Cookies (to decorate during party)-covered
  • Various Colors of Icing
    • (or multiple white icing and food coloring)
  • Variety of Sprinkles
  • Any other edible options to decorate cookies with
  • ____________________________________
  • Cupcakes-covered
  • Fruit
  • Fruit Dip
  • Chips- covered
  • Chip Dip- covered
  • Veggie Tray- covered
  • Ranch- covered
  • ____________________________________
  • Waters-covered
  • Juice-covered
  • Sodas-covered
  • Hot Chocolate- covered
  • marshmallows

I will provide cups, plates, and napkins!

If you would like to help out with a snack please email or send me a note to let me know what you plan to bring and how much/many. As I get plenty of an item I will remove it from this list.

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