February 14

ELA Unit Test Tomorrow

We will be having a unit test in writing tomorrow. We reviewed today in class. I also sent a review home today with an extra credit option. Students are to write sentence practicing recent grammar that we have recently covered. If they do the practice work and get a parent signature they will get 10 bonus points on their test. Here are areas of the study guide to focus on:

New Concepts: Conjunctions, Abbreviations, Quotations, and the following comonly confused terms: then, than, a lot, already, all ready, all right

Reviewing Concepts: Collective Nouns, Regular/Irregular Verbs, Active/Passive Voice Verbs, Subject-Verb Agreement


Miss Stoneman

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I am excited to be back at Clyde for my second year. When I graduated from Clyde I never would have thought that I would become a teacher here. I received a Bachelor of Science from McMurry in Elementary Education and my Master of Arts from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am excited to continue my teaching career here in Clyde!

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