February 24

Next weeks spelling and vocabulary words!

Students are recieving next weeks spelling and vocabulary words today. The test will be on Thursday, March 2nd!

Please remind your student to take advantage of the extra credit homework. Those who do the home almost always pass. Most who do not do the homework almost always fail the tests.


rural adjective associated with the country
tedious adjective long and boring
lacked verb was missing something that was needed
personally adverb relating to the very same individual
organize verb to arrange into a structure or order
mocking verb ridiculing or poking fun at
efficient adjective done without wasting resources, effective
summons noun a request by an authority to do something
mimic verb to copy the sound or movement of another
peal verb ring recurrently

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I am excited to be back at Clyde for my second year. When I graduated from Clyde I never would have thought that I would become a teacher here. I received a Bachelor of Science from McMurry in Elementary Education and my Master of Arts from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am excited to continue my teaching career here in Clyde!

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