February 28

Spelling and Vocabulary Bonus Points!

For each extra credit turned in students will receive 2 bonus points on their test.

Today each student got a worksheet with a crossword and a word search. If it is turned in by 8AM tomorrow I will give them 3 bonus points on spelling and 3 bonus points on vocabulary. If it is turned in after 8 AM they can still receive 2 points for each. I told them that they may use their spelling/vocab list to help them.

Miss Stoneman

Posted February 28, 2017 by astoneman in category Writing

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I am excited to be back at Clyde for my second year. When I graduated from Clyde I never would have thought that I would become a teacher here. I received a Bachelor of Science from McMurry in Elementary Education and my Master of Arts from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am excited to continue my teaching career here in Clyde!

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