April 12

Career Paper Rubric

Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
20 pts. 15 pts. 10 pts. 5 pts. 0 pts.
Research Ideas are supported by rich, effective details from research, includes all information required from “Research Planner” Ideas are supported by elaborate details from research, includes most information required from “Research Planner” Unelaborate idea developement or repetitive details from research, includes some information required from “Research Planner” Minimal idea development, limited or unrelated details from research, includes little information required from “Research Planner” No idea development, no details, and unrelated details, or incorrect details that did not come from research
Organization Thoughtful and careful organization, follows “Research Planner” guidlines Logical organization, mostly follows “Research Planner” guidlines Somewhat unorganized, some what follows “Research Planner” guidlines Very little orginazation and random, minimal “Research Planner” guidlines followed No orginization and random, does not follows “Research Planner” guidlines
Sentence Structure Precise and rich language with varied sentence structure Effective sentence structure with effective word choice Simplistic and/or imprecise sentence and word choice Incorrect or inefferctive word choice and sentence structure Incomplete sentences, no sentence structure
Spelling and Grammar No errors in spelling and grammer Few errors in spelling and grammar Some errors in spelling and grammar Many errors in spelling and grammar Majority of writing has spelling and grammar errors
Sources/ References Extenseive use of references to indicate indepth research Use of reference to indicate sufficient research Some references used Very little research or references provided No references provided
Total Score

Everything that is required in paper is on the rough draft pages in the research packet.