September 29

Supplies needed for upcoming project!

I sent home the following letter today…

Dear Students and Parents,

5th grade will be doing a Monster Match Project in October that requires some extra supplies. We are in need of some shoe boxes, regular sized popsicle sticks, paper plates, paper/styrofoam cups, pipe cleaners, paper lunch sacks. As supplies is dropped off I will post on the 5th grade blog and the 5th grade channel on schoolway to let you know what we are still in need of. Thank you for your help in making this fun project possible. Students may drop off any supplies in Miss Stoneman’s room before school or when they come to class. Thank you for your help.

-Miss Stoneman

We will begin the project next Friday, Oct. 6th. Please send what you can before then.

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September 7

Scholastic Book Orders

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

I have started scholastic book orders for this school year. I love giving students and parents another way to get books. Almost all books are cheaper from scholastic than if bought in stores or online. I love finding ways to save money and this is a great one for books. Another big reason why I love scholastic is that for every order our class earns points that I use to purchase books for my classroom library. Last year I was able to get over 200 books from scholastic for my classroom library.

My class library is available for all 5th grade students. They are allowed check out one book at a time. They are responsible for taking care of the book that they borrow. I love having another place for students to get to check out books but that requires us to all take care of those books.

At the beginning of each month I will pass out scholastic book order forms to students that would like one. All orders are due the last SCHOOL DAY of the month. If an order is turned in late it will be sent with the next months order. I submit orders after school on the last school day of the month. Orders take about a week to come in. September orders are due by the end of school on Friday, September 29th.

How to order…Students can turn in the paper order form from with cash or check. Checks should be made out to “Scholastic Book Club.” Parents can place orders online at using our class code QKCML and you can pay with a credit or debit card. Online orders will be submitted at the end of the month with all other orders. Feel free to email me at with any questions.

Thank You,

Miss Stoneman

April 28

ELA Unit Test Review!

Next Tuesday and Wednesday we will have our last unit test in writing! Click HERE for the review. I will give a paper copy to all students on Monday but wanted them to be able to access it over the weekend. If they complete the review and have a parent sign their review, letting me know that they studied, I will give them bonus points on their test!

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April 11

Final Scholastic Book Order Of the School Year!

With just over 5 weeks left in school, April will be the last month for scholastic book orders. This is a great chance to get some books to read over the summer.

Thanks to all the student order this year we were able to get over 160 new books in our classroom library. I love seeing the different book suggestions from kids to add to our library and being able to make them a part of building the library up.

Each student that orders $5 or more this month gets a coupon for a free book up to $5. I’m so excited we recieved these free coupons for the students to get to use!

April Orders are due Friday, April 28th!

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April 6

Career Paper and Presentations are due TOMORROW!

Career paper is typed in google classroom. A few things to check before you “turn in”…check the rubric for grading standards, each paragraph should be indented, paper should be in 12 point font, all websites that were use to collect information on career must be listed at the end of paper (nothing fancy, just a list). Once ready to turn in… click the “turn in” button located in the top right.

Career Presentations can be a poster, slideshow, imovie, prezi, etc. All digital presentations need to be shared with me through google by 8 AM tomorrow morning. Slide shows that are made through google slides can be shared by clicking the “Share” button located in the top right. Their you will type in my email and click done. Make sure that the file is named correctly. It should be your homeroom teacher- your first and last name (ex: Stoneman- Abby Carr).

Student Google Accounts: login with student email 24first initial middle initial last (ex: John Joseph Doe would be This is the same information they use to log in on the chrome books at school.

Students that want to may dress up as their career for their presentation!

I am excited to see these awesome projects that they have worked so hard on the last two weeks!

Miss Stoneman

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March 30

Career Project Information!

Due Date: Friday, April 7th!

Part One: Paper- Students will type a paper in google classroom and submit digitally. They have done this before and should be familiar with this. The length requirement for this paper is 3 paragraphs, each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences. Students may write more but will be counted off if it is shorter.

Click HERE for the Career Paper Grading Rubric

Part Two: Presentation- Students will present their career in whatever creative way that they choose. I have sugested the following ways to present their career: slide show, imovie, prezi, poster/trifold poster (poster must be provided from home). I have shown them how to create a slide show and we have made imovies earlier this year. The are required to cover all of the required information from the list I gave them last week. The presentation has to have something visual. That can be a picture or dressing up, etc. I give them creative freedom as long as they answer all the questions and have something visual for the class to see.

Click HERE for the Career Project Grading Rubric

Note: I have had some students ask if parents can come watch the presentations. Parents will not be able to come watch. I don’t want it to make it any harder for the students to present and I wont be able to get through everyone on Friday and wont know if each student will be on day one or two since they don’t have set times. If you would like, I will record the presentation of your student and send it to you.

Question: email me at

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February 28

Spelling and Vocabulary Bonus Points!

For each extra credit turned in students will receive 2 bonus points on their test.

Today each student got a worksheet with a crossword and a word search. If it is turned in by 8AM tomorrow I will give them 3 bonus points on spelling and 3 bonus points on vocabulary. If it is turned in after 8 AM they can still receive 2 points for each. I told them that they may use their spelling/vocab list to help them.

Miss Stoneman

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