December 6

Miss Stoneman’s Class Party

MISS STONEMAN’s CLASS PARTY (this is only for Miss Stoneman’s homeroom)

  • Date: Friday, December 15th      
  • Time: 10:00-11:00 am
  • Location: Miss Stoneman’s Classroom

 This year at the fifth grade Christmas party students will be opening Christmas stockings.  Students will need to bring 1 item for each student in their homeroom class to put in the stockings.  There are 24 students in my class. Examples of items include: candy, card, small toy, pencil, eraser, etc.  The item can also just be a homemade note and does not have to cost any money.

I am going to have a sign up for snacks and drinks. You can email me or send a note to let me know if you would like to bring anything for the party. There is a list below. Please remember that all food and drink items must be store bought and cannot be made at home.

Snack Options

  • 48 Plain Sugar Cookies (to decorate during party)-covered
  • Various Colors of Icing
    • (or multiple white icing and food coloring)
  • Variety of Sprinkles
  • Any other edible options to decorate cookies with
  • ____________________________________
  • Cupcakes-covered
  • Fruit
  • Fruit Dip
  • Chips- covered
  • Chip Dip- covered
  • Veggie Tray- covered
  • Ranch- covered
  • ____________________________________
  • Waters-covered
  • Juice-covered
  • Sodas-covered
  • Hot Chocolate- covered
  • marshmallows

I will provide cups, plates, and napkins!

If you would like to help out with a snack please email or send me a note to let me know what you plan to bring and how much/many. As I get plenty of an item I will remove it from this list.

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October 30

Scholastic Book Orders

Reminder! Tomorrow is the last day to turn in October Scholastic orders! Order online or turn in orders to Miss Stoneman by the end of the school day tomorrow!

Download the free SchoolWay app in the App Store ( for iOS or the Google Play ( store for Android.

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October 26

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

5th grade is having a contest to see which homeroom can raise the most money for UNICEF. This is through Miss Stoneman’s ELA class.

Scholastic has partnered with UNICEF to do Trick or Treating for UNICEF. The money raised will help children that are in need of clean water, mosquito nets to protect against Malaria, school supplies for refugee kids, food for malnourished children, and many other things. I sent home small orange boxes that show how much some of those things cost. Students do not have to participate if they do not want to but the class that raises the most money will get an extra recess. Also, the student who raises the most for each class will win a prize.

Students can take their box when they go trick or treating and ask for donations, they can ask family or family friends, or they can put their own money in. I have also told them that they may ask neighbors but ONLY IF YOU SAY THAT IT IS OKAY! I also told them to let their parents know if they are planning to ask while they go trick or treating.

Students can turn in change, dollar bills, or checks. Checks should be make out to UNICEF USA

Please email me with any question that you have at

Miss Stoneman

September 29

Supplies needed for upcoming project!

I sent home the following letter today…

Dear Students and Parents,

5th grade will be doing a Monster Match Project in October that requires some extra supplies. We are in need of some shoe boxes, regular sized popsicle sticks, paper plates, paper/styrofoam cups, pipe cleaners, paper lunch sacks. As supplies is dropped off I will post on the 5th grade blog and the 5th grade channel on schoolway to let you know what we are still in need of. Thank you for your help in making this fun project possible. Students may drop off any supplies in Miss Stoneman’s room before school or when they come to class. Thank you for your help.

-Miss Stoneman

We will begin the project next Friday, Oct. 6th. Please send what you can before then.

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September 7

Scholastic Book Orders

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

I have started scholastic book orders for this school year. I love giving students and parents another way to get books. Almost all books are cheaper from scholastic than if bought in stores or online. I love finding ways to save money and this is a great one for books. Another big reason why I love scholastic is that for every order our class earns points that I use to purchase books for my classroom library. Last year I was able to get over 200 books from scholastic for my classroom library.

My class library is available for all 5th grade students. They are allowed check out one book at a time. They are responsible for taking care of the book that they borrow. I love having another place for students to get to check out books but that requires us to all take care of those books.

At the beginning of each month I will pass out scholastic book order forms to students that would like one. All orders are due the last SCHOOL DAY of the month. If an order is turned in late it will be sent with the next months order. I submit orders after school on the last school day of the month. Orders take about a week to come in. September orders are due by the end of school on Friday, September 29th.

How to order…Students can turn in the paper order form from with cash or check. Checks should be made out to “Scholastic Book Club.” Parents can place orders online at using our class code QKCML and you can pay with a credit or debit card. Online orders will be submitted at the end of the month with all other orders. Feel free to email me at with any questions.

Thank You,

Miss Stoneman