Football overview for the week

Football Week Overview 9-11 to 9-15
Thursday Games:
JV White in Ballinger at 6:00 PM
JV Gold in Baird vs Haskell at 6:30 PM
JH Team Bravo in Comanche at 4:00 PM
JH 7th A in Clyde vs Ballinger at 5:00 PM & 8th A following

Friday Clyde vs Ballinger at 7:30 PM in Clyde

Practice Reminders:
—Jh dressed & ready at 6:23 AM on Mon, Tues, & Wed. During the athletic period only on Thurs & Fri.
—High School after school approximately 4-6:15 PM on Mon & Tues. 4-6 PM on Wed. Varsity only on Thurs after school to approximately 4:25. JV during the period only on Fri.
—Varsity weights (etc) Mon at 6:30 AM & Tues at 7:00 AM (JV during the period every day & varsity during the period Wed & Thurs)

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