Upcoming Special Events

Several special awards times are coming up for students who raised money for Hoops for Heart.

Cardio Café is April 6 during students’ regularly scheduled lunch. The Pizza Party at Pizza House is coming up April 7 at 6 P.M. Students who raised $200 or more are invited to this fun night of games and food. Students who raised $60 or more will enjoy popcorn and recess on Friday, April 10 during school hours. Students who raised $125 or more have already received tickets to Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. This celebration day is May 17.

Hoops For Heart Pictures

Hoops for Heart was a fun event for all at the Intermediate. The event was in the gym at the Intermediate School. Students did a fabulous job demonstrating their basketball skills throughout the day. There was also a visit from a special visitor! 20150306_100233 20150306_100545 20150306_100622 20150306_103804 20150306_103813 20150306_111336 20150306_111331 20150306_103858 20150306_103821 20150306_111542 20150306_111539 20150306_121827 20150306_121835 20150306_121850 20150306_121903 20150306_123321 20150306_122640 20150306_122354 20150306_122346Chuck E Cheese!


Hoops for Heart will be Friday March 6th. 3rd grade will play 11:45-1:30, 4th grade 9:30-11:15, 5th grade 1:40-3:20.

Academy Awards will also be that day. Third grade is at 9:00, fourth grade is at 8:15, and fifth grade is at 9:45.

BIG Parties will be in the cafeteria. Third grade is 2:00-2:40, fourth grade is 1:10- 1:50, and fifth grade is 10:20-11:00.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the school during these fun events!

Don’t forget to eat at Subway on Friday!! 5% sales will be donated to the Intermediate’s Hoops for Heart cause.

Chuck E Cheese will visit the Hoops For Heart Event Friday

The Hoops for Heart event is tomorrow!

In addition to our event, Chuck E Cheese will visit our campus and join students as they participate in Hoops for Heart and the BIG  Bingo party. Following is a schedule of these events:

Hoops For Heart

third grade 11:45-1:30

fourth grade 9:30-11:15

fifth grade 1:40-3:20

BIG Parties

third grade 2:00-2:40

fourth grade 1:10-1:50

fifth grade 10:20-11:00

We look forward to seeing everyone in the warm, cozy gym!!