PE Rules


Dear Parents:

            Our goal in Physical Education is to create a positive atmosphere, which helps your child learn about health and physical fitness in a fun yet educational way.  We believe that in order to accomplish this goal, we need the help of every student and the support of every parent.


            In order to promote a positive class environment, we will reward good behavior and use time-out and parent phone calls for negative behavior.


            1.   Students will observe appropriate safety precautions relating to equipment and                             

                  other persons in the P.E. setting.

            2.   Students will show respect to the teachers and to other students at all times.

            3.   Appropriate and positive attitudes (and language) will be used at all times.

            4.   No gum or candy will be allowed in P.E.

Dress: (In order to participate)

            1.   Girls will be required to wear shorts under dresses or skirts.

            2.   Students will be required to wear tennis shoes that lace to provide support. 


            We must receive a parent written excuse when your child is unable to participate in P.E.  After (3) consecutive days of non-participation with a parent note, a doctor’s written excuse is required.


            Physical education grades will be based on skills, performance, and effort.

            Conduct will be graded on behavior and attitude in P.E.

Thank you,

  Mrs. Richardson and Ms.Kidd

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