BIM–No more vocabulary words!

DAY I WAS BORNmust be completed by the end of school on Thursday!

Make sure you have a background, animation, transition and picture on each slide!  

Make sure there are no clicks for animations or transitions!  

This presentation should be completely automatic with enough time on each slide so a slow reader can easily read and look at everything on your slide with about 5 seconds to spare.  

Go to Slide Show>Rehearse Timings.


Wednesday, May 18th… Please board the buses at 7:50 am.  Buses will be parked in the Ag parking lot and will leave as soon as possible…hopefully by 8 am.

Activities students will be able to participate in are:  Slip ‘n’ Slide, Battle Balloons ($3 bag of 100), Geo-caching, Basketball, Volleyball, Ping Pong (.25 for balls), Horseshoes & Washers, PVC Squirt Gun Challenge, GaGa Ball (Israeli dodge ball),  and Nature Hikes.  The pool will also be available from noon until 2pm (only 75 in the pool at one time). Please dress appropriately for all activities.

IF IT IS RAINING…Be prepared, bring dry clothes, etc.  Volleyball, basketball and ping pong are all in a covered building.