Elementary Million – AR Award Recipients

Intermediate Million – AR Recipients

This year students in grades first through fifth will have the opportunity to be part of the Million Word Reader program.  Students will track their reading progress through the Accelerated Reading program.  AR is designed to increase student comprehension and fluency while reading.  Each time a student reads an AR book and completes the comprehension quiz, he or she is awarded a number of words for that book.  The higher the level of the book, the more words the student is awarded. Access the AR Book Finder here Throughout the year students who reach the following goals will be awarded special medals.

Clyde Intermediate School

25 AR points      approximately 200,000 words   Bronze Medal

50 AR points      approximately 400,000 words   Silver Medal

75 AR points      approximately 600.000 words   Gold Medal

Clyde Elementary School

 25 AR points      approximately 20,000 words   Bronze Medal

50 AR points      approximately 40,000 words   Silver Medal

75 AR points      approximately 60.000 words   Gold Medal

 As a parent, you can help your child by encouraging him or her to read frequently and to read books that are at the higher end of their designated level. Younger students can even take comprehension quizzes on books that were read to them, so take time to read with your child whenever possible.  You can access the library catalog from the main Clyde CISD website.  Go to departments, libraries, and pick the school (elementary or intermediate) your child attends.  When the main library page opens click on catalog.  At the bottom of the page choose Accelerated Reader from the drop down box for Reading Programs. Press enter and all AR books will be displayed.  You can help your child search for a book that meets their level and interests.  By helping your child to stay focused on their goals, you can help him/her to become a better reader and earn an award.  At the end of the school year students who have reached the million word incentive will be recognized with a special prize!

Students may not take quizzes at home, but you can search for titles as detailed above on the library site to determine if the books you have at home are AR books.

The more we read – the more we succeed!

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