August 29


3rd Grade AR Reading

For each assignment period, a student must read at least 1 book in his/her zone with an AR value of 1 point or more.

A test grade will be given as follows:

            1 point = 70

            2 points = 80

            3 points = 90

            More than 3 points = 100

Students may read multiple books to reach their point goal. Students will be also be given a test grade for the average of all books read and tested on during this period.  Late grades will not be accepted after assigned due date listed below:

First Semester            Second Semester

     September 14                         January 18

     October 5                               February 8             

     October 26                             March 1

     November 16                           April 5    

     December 14                           April 26

                                                    May 10


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