May 18

Pizza Party

IXL Pizza Party

The third grade has earned a Pizza Party on Wednesday, May 23rd at 12:00.  Students need to bring their own drinks for the party.  Each student will receive 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza.  If you child does not like pepperoni or needs more food, they will need to bring a lunch from home.

May 9

Mrs. Floyd’s homeroom will have extra time to study for their social studies assessment since they were not able to take their study guides home.

May 9

Mrs. Akers’ Social Studies Test on Thursday

On Thursday Mrs. Akers’, Mrs. Floyd’s, and Mrs. Hamaty’s homeroom students

will take the final assessment for 3rd grade Social Studies this school year.  

A study guide was completed in class and sent home on Tuesday.  Please help your child study and sign the study guide.  Students who return a signed study guide in class on testing day get 5 extra bonus points and sometimes an extra surprise!

It has been my pleasure to teach Science and Social Studies to your child this year!

Mrs. Akers

3rd Grade Science & Social Studies


May 9

Ms. Matteson’s Science Classes

Howdy parents!

Today, Wednesday May 9th, the kiddos will be bringing home a study guide!

They will be taking a test, Friday May 11th!

Please help them be successful and study with them, also if they bring that study guide back signed they get 5 extra bonus points!

Thank you for all that you do!

May 1

Ms. Matteson’s Social Studies Class

Howdy Parents!

In Ms. Matteson’s Social Studies classes we will be testing Friday, May 4th!

Today, Tuesday May 1st, the kiddos will be filling out a study guide!

Like always if they study with you and get it signed they will receive 5 extra bonus points! 

Thank you for all that you do!

April 23

Spelling & Vocab Test

Test Friday, April 27th

*Lesson 16*






















Lesson 16 Vocabulary

shade: an area where direct sunlight is blocked

dripping: coming down in drops

carton: paper or cardboard box

hardly: not very much

rubbish: trash

recycle: to treat or process in order to use again

global: worldwide

complicated: hard to understand or deal with; difficult

pollution: the state of being dirty or not pure

project: a special undertaking

April 3

Ms. Matteson’s Science Classes!

Howdy Parents !

I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow, Wednesday April 4th, we will be having a science test!

The kiddos filled out a study guide yesterday!

If they bring it back signed they can receive 5 extra bonus points!


Thanks for all that you do!